MRF6VP3450H 432 MHz Amplifier



Overview of the final set-up.

Sufficient cooling is required

Modification of the input circuit. add two SKY trimmers.

It is advisable to use a 3dB or more input attenuator, as the input VSWR is not very good.

Initial tune up at low level: 0dBm input

C426 = 6p8

C423 = 3p0

C489/490 = 3p0



Pi=1mW Po=125mW Gain: 21dB


With more Rf power:

Pi=3.7W  Po=240W / Saturation

Power modification

Added 10p between C423 - C426




Pi=2.5W Po=300W I=9.5Amp

Pi=3.6W Po=360W I=11.5Amp Gain: 20dB