DL6WU antenna
Yaesu G-1000C
Antenna coupler
10Ghz 1Watt RF amplifier
10Ghz 3Watt RF amplifier
Varian TWT



In this chapter you will find articles which may be of interest for you.

DL6WU modified DX antenna for 432Mhz. Find decription here!
YAESU G-1000C rotor Variable Speed & Digital indication. Click here!
Antenna couplers; easy design fundamental. Click here!
VWSR Saga. Where to look for? Find here!
Sunnoise measurements and results. Click here!
T-match for 432Mhz yagi, find here!
10Ghz RF Amplifier; two versions: 1Watt RF  and 3Watt RF
Varian TWT RF amplifiers information find: here!
Important note on Septumfeed construction find: here!
Latching Relay Driver for HP8761 series coaxial relay: here! ( Note: the ciruit needs min.19Vdc!!)
Environmental noise on 432MHz find: here!
EME'rs on 432Mhz are suffering with Faraday Rotation resulting in one way contact or so. Find here some explanation
Moonnoise detector system for 10Ghz. Find description: here
RFMA7185 RF amplifier for 10Ghz. Find description: here!
PST rotator modification for absolute endocer by PA0HRK : here!
EME with single yagi on 144MHz. Presentation: here!


        My new Moonnoise Detector system