In this section you will find articles which may be of interest for you.

DL6WU modified DX antenna for 432Mhz. Find decription here!
YAESU G-1000C rotor Variable Speed & Digital indication. Click here!
Antenna couplers; easy design fundamental. Click here!
VWSR Saga. Where to look for? Find here!
G/T calculation sheet. Click here!
T-match for 432Mhz yagi, find here!
10Ghz RF Amplifier; two versions: 1Watt RF  and 3Watt RF
Varian TWT RF amplifiers information find: here!
Important note on Septumfeed construction find: here!
Latching Relay Driver for HP8761 series coaxial relay: here! ( Note: the ciruit needs min.19Vdc!!)
Environmental noise on 432MHz find: here!
EME'rs on 432Mhz are suffering with Faraday Rotation resulting in one way contact or so. Find here some explanation
Moonnoise detector system using AD8313 (2.5Ghz max) for 10Ghz. Find description: here
RFMA7185 RF amplifier for 10Ghz. Find description: here!
PST rotator modification for absolute endocer by PA0HRK : here!
EME with single yagi on 144MHz. Presentation: here!
EME-2018 Conference 432MHz polarisation experiments. Presentation: here!
Cheap Decoding Q65 signals on 10Ghz EME. Find information: here!
Report on testing of various feeds & choke for 10368Mhz. Find report here!


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