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1296 MHz Activity


My activity on 1296Mhz.


Station outfit:

Transceiver:                 TS-2000X

Preamplifier:                VHF Design - 0.3dB

Final amplifier:             300Watt SSPA (2x DF9IC)       

Antenna system:           3m solid dish, Andrews prime focus - 29dBd / Beamwidth: 5.4deg / Septumfeed

Control system:            VK5DJ - Stand alone interface

After deciding to stop with active UHF contesting, I started to construct an EME station together with PA0JCA. The first station was constructed with our contest stuff and a manual driven 2m solid dish. 

After some initials (VE3ONT!!!), we re-built a 6.3m dish to proceed. PA3AGS, PE1JBK and PE1BTV joined us. Unfortunately this dish never gave us the expected results on 23cm. 

Due to various circumstances in 1997 we lost this QTH and consequently the dish.


July 2017 -  After a long period, spending on 432MHz EME reactivated the 3m Dish for 23cm

Nov 2017  - Installed the FUNcube with MAP 65

Dec 2017  - Installed the RF choke on the Septumfeed

Dec 2017  - Working on a new SSPA (DF9IC) to give some 250Watt on the feed.

Nov 2018  - Installed new SSPA and VHF Design Preamp

Sep 2020   - Ready to test expanded SSPA (2x DF9IC) approx. 450Watt

Oct 2020  -  ARRL contest with new SSPA, 300-400Watt. Perfect!

Mar 2022  -  Feed installed in dish and checked sunnoise: 12.7dB

Apr 2022  -  Participated in ARI contest for testing.